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Impulse Media House is all services media company with its own accesses to broadcasting, cable, print and new media in Armenia and many years of experience in public relations, multilingual and multicultural audio and video production, broadcasting, media technology innovation as well as internet services. Running its own media assets, Impulse provides media management services to other enterprises, mediates purchase/sale transactions of media assets, supports media start-ups, produces high quality media content in various languages as Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, English, French, Georgian, Persian, Russian, and Turkish. The company has been raised from a small family media business to a global, innovative operation of а much larger profile. We are proud of our clients, former and current, as BBC, Radio Canada International, Radio Mayak Russia, China Radio International and many others.

Being focused on global interests we never forget our roots and origins. Impulse Media House is proud of being а pronounced Armenian enterprise and of being based on age-old traditions of literature, translation, culture and creativity of the Armenian people.


We create genuine value for our Armenian and oversee audience, generate advantage and benefits for our local and international clients and bring profit to our owners and stakeholders by making qualitative media and making it outstanding. We believe that media can be free of any political or ideological influence even in severe conditions and the only key is financial self-sustainability. Thus our mission is very simple and very ambitious at the same time – we make money on running free media and helping others excel in the same.


Armenian News HDV channel – round a clock video stream of news, highlights and comments, designed for IPTV and satellite broadcasting. Through innovations and unique solutions the channel gives much higher level of impact then the traditional broadcast media and combines the most advanced features of modern TV, radio, and print media. It is a TV channel that can be listened to without watching; a radio that can be watched without listening to and a live newspaper that can be watched and heard in addition to reading.

Bus stop TV – a TV service developed for an open-air viewing. It is being distributed via special monitors placed near the bus stops of the Armenian capital city of Yerevan. It is a unique city-format broadcast media brightening the most boring pastime as waiting for a bus. It brings news, entertainment and music to the audience all over the city and makes the street environment more pleasant and comfortable.

Armenian News Radio FM 106.5 is the only private “news & talk” radio in Armenia and is one of the flagships of Armenian media industry. It is targeted to the most proactive part of the society, and is highly demanded because of the depth of content and dynamic forms. News Radio is leading media with a unique market-position and is an integral part of the lives for hundreds of thousands of people.

Radio Horovel is an IBRS project concentrated on the Armenian culture, ethnic music and the spiritual heritage of the Armenian people. Radio holds the richest archive of masterpieces of the millennial folk art that ties the past with the present forming a solid spiritual and moral foundation for a better future.

Radio Ardzagank FM103.5 is one of the oldest and the most respected broadcast brands of the Armenian market. Formed in Early 90s it brought up a whole generation of fans of really great music. Being a pioneer in show-business that was just arising after the soviets collapsed it became the first and the most popular Adult Contemporary radio station of the country and didn’t step back for the last 20 years.

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